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Northern Oakland County Branch

Black History Program  ...And Still We Rise!

       Film/Discussion:  Slavery by Another Name: 

                                   The Prison Industrial Complex

       Saturday, February 24, 2019   4:00pm - 6:00pm

       St. John UMC,  620 University Dr., Pontiac MI  48342

The NAACP, in conjunction with the Cancer Free Economy Network (CFEN), is cultivating an inclusive movement to prevent people from developing cancers associated with exposure to harmful chemicals in the places they live, work and go to school.   Toxic chemical exposure has been proven to disproportionately affect people of color and those working in poverty.  

The long-term goal is deliberately audacious:

     Within a generation we will lift the burden of cancers and other diseases by driving a 

      dramatic and equitable transition from toxics to effective, clean and safe alternatives. 

The NAACP is committed to accomplish this goal by uniting advocates and researchers working on issues as diverse as public health, fossil-fuel reduction, and socio-economic justice.  As scientists know more about how toxic chemicals can cause cancer, we hope to inspire people to demand that the chemicals in our everyday lives be safe for ourselves and our families. 

We are organizing our community around these three guiding principles:

  1. That we should have both the “right to know” about hazards we are exposed to and the “right to understand” information about those hazards.
  2. That all vulnerable people, as well as businesses seeking “clean” products, should have access to the knowledge and skills needed to share hazards and solutions with stakeholders.
  3. That we can replace harmful chemicals with materials safer for us and our families – if we work together to demand it.  Safer substitutes are attainable.

In preparation for a community-wide event to be scheduled for this summer, the Northern Oakland County Branch NAACP would like to invite a representative(s) from your organization to participate in a Train-the-Trainer workshop/planning session on the Cancer, Chemicals and Economy (CCE) curriculum.  This training workshop will equip participants with researched-based information and tools to help mobilize your organization for coordinated action to advocate for a just transition away from harmful, cancer-causing chemical where we live, work, pray and play. 

Together we can make change possible!!!

“The water we drink, the air we breathe, and the products we use every day…      shouldn’t make us sick or cause cancer .”                                     - cancer survivor

Thank You for All Your Support!

Upcoming Events:

  • General Meeting:               Monday, February 25, @ 7pm

  • Energy, Climate, Justice Prog. Cancer, Chemicals & Economy Train-the-Trainer Workshop

​​           - March 16, 2019  9:00a - 3:00p

           - Wisner Schoolhouse, Pontiac

  • Economic Opportunity Prog.   ​Jobs with Justice Workshop           - April 13, 2019

  • Energy, Climate, Justice Prog. Cancer, Chemical & Economy   Community Action Event                    -May 2019

  • Election Training

  • Branch Elections

General Membership Meeting:​
Every 4th Monday,​​  7p-8p
​Monument of Faith M.B. Church
378 Auburn Ave., Pontiac MI

Notice of

General Membership Meetings

Dear Members and Friends:

Please join us at the General Membership meeting of the Northern Oakland County Branch, NAACP.

Your attendance is needed and appreciated.  We look forward to your participating in these activities.


Dr. Karen Bell, Secretary